Incorporating Echobike/Airbike/Airdyne into Training Plan

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    Chris R.

    Hi – Wondering if Scott or any of the other coaches have any specific recommendations for incorporating an airbike into the aerobic base or ME phase workouts for mountaineering / skimo? Thanks!

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    Mariner_9 on #57116

    IIRC, the recommendations are as follows:
    – Better to do weight-bearing exercises for both base and ME in order to replicate the demands of mountaineering / skimo
    – If you are going to use a bike, remove the saddle
    – High gear on a steep hill with no saddle can work as ME training

    Chris R. on #57129

    Yes, thanks! Have the book, so saw that as well. But this seems for leg-only bikes, was interested if there were any new thoughts on airbikes given the new (relative to publishing date of the book) popularity with the tactical/crossfit communities as well as the demands on the upper body. Pretty challenging to use an airbike without a saddle. Curious if any of the coaches had worked them into their training regimens for their athletes.


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