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Inaccurate readings on HRM

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    Background: Using a Suunto Ambit3 Peak with chest strap. Moisturizing the chest strap sensors prior to use does not seem to help.

    Issue: I frequently get wildly inaccurate readings from my HRM. Specifically, the watch/HRM will show HR way above what it actually is for extended periods of time. E.g. yesterday, I did my usual recovery walk; most of it is 50-60% HR, rising to ~70% on the few steep sections. HRM showed ~7mins in Zone 3, ~11 mins in Zone 4 and ~5 mins in Zone 5! Peak HR shows as peak 1 min rate of 211bpm, peak 10 min rate of 194bpm, etc. My max HR is probably ~180; these numbers are obviously wrong.

    Any ideas on what might be causing this and how to fix it? I have already replaced the strap (twice) and the sensor (once). Suunto support is all but non-existent; I’ve been having these issues since 2017 and their attitude is essentially to shrug their shoulders.

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