Hypoventilation training

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    I have been reading some papers on hypoventilation training
    (at low lung volume). A good list of references is here:

    While it’s not entirely clear if hypoventilation training benefits
    endurance athletes it seems an interesting training method.

    The book “Hypoventilation training” by Xavier Woorons goes into
    great details about theory and practical advice for training and
    progression for swimmers/runners/cyclists.

    The book recommends about 1h/week (and 45min/week for swimmers)
    of hypoventilation training split over 1-3 sessions / week.
    While the intensity of hypoventilation sessions are not very high
    they are nonetheless rather strenuous due to breathing and can produce
    lactate. So, I presume that a lot of low intensity aerobic work is needed
    to support this training.

    The book recommends 48h rest between hypoventilation session and
    a high intensity session and that the total number of high intensity and hypoventilation sessions per week should not exceed 3 (4 for swimming) if you train 5-6 times per week.

    Has anybody done any hypoventilation training?

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    I do not have any experience with this breath holding during endurance training. The website quite explicitly says that there are no studies showing any performance improvement in endurance sports from using hypoventilation training.

    I think there will be much more effective ways to improve XC ski performance.


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