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HR data in a race. Use or no?

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    Maybe I missed it but, I don’t think the book touches on this.

    Being that training relies heavily on HR data to stay within your zone, do you guys keep track of your HR during a race?
    Or, do you focus on time and pace? A mixture of both?

    I have my first race (50k) coming up in October so am new to applying my training to race day.

    Initially, I had told myself I’d stay in zone 1 for maybe the first half and then push up to zone 2.

    All thought welcome. Thank you.

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    Brandon Phillips on #71082

    I do not have a long history of racing, but in the past couple of years, I have been wearing a chest strap heart rate monitor for both training and racing. I display my heart rate on my watch. I find it very helpful for keeping me from pushing too hard at the wrong times. I have found the HR data from some 40k nordic ski races to be really helpful in determining how long I can stay above my lactate threshold in an effort that lasts over 2hrs.

    There is also something comforting about walking up a hill and being able to see that I’m still working as hard as I was while running the flats.

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