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How to transition from mtn running to mountaineering

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    My first training plan started this summer using the 50k training plan that with an expected 50k run at the end of October. I plan on taking a recovery week afterwards and would like to start up my mountaineering training afterwards. I’m currently crap at climbing so I’d like to do the technical alpine objective training schedule outlined in TFNA to improve my technical ability along with my endurance. I’m just wondering if I can skip the transition period as I am coming off a training cycle, or if I should just do the full transition to get my strength to the right spot before base period training. I’ll be climbing Mt. Washington all winter long and am hoping to do a trip to Katahdin end of march which requires hauling in a big load.

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    Bruno Schull on #81690

    Hi Roken. Well, the first thing I’d say, if I ran a 50 K I’d need more than a week or recovery! But, if you’re young and fit and feetling good, just go with what you body says. Two thoughts: first, whether you skip the transition period or not might depend on how close those activites are to what you have been doing. So, if you’ve been doing lots of running, and the transition period also includes running, you could skip that, but if it includes slow weighted hiking, strength traning, and so forth, that’s all different enough that you might want to go ahead with the transition. Second, if you want to improve technical climbing, you might use your rest week (or weeks) and part of the transiton period to just…climb, in a unstructured way, exploring your limits and having fun. Then you might have a better idea of where to focus your work on technical climbing.

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