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How to record chamfit sessions

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    I’m just wondering what y’all select in workout tracking apps to enter into TP for chamfit workouts. I haven’t tracked them because I never know what type of activity to record it as.

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    MarkPostle on #63801

    Hopefully a few others will chime in here but I know approached vary with the strength tracking. Some folks just track them as a run/hike, some as strength and many folks don’t track them at all with the watch and just plug in a time and TSS manually (usually 50TSS) to the completed column in TrainingPeaks.

    mattmay3s on #63813

    I use the ‘Strength’ option on my Garmin Fenix and then it syncs automatically to the TP Chamfit Session. Then as Mark said I plug in 50TSS.

    rcj on #63817

    Same here. I just track it as strength and manually adjust to 50TSS. If there’s a better way, I would love to use it.

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