How Often Should I Test my AeT?

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    Quick question- I performed my HR drift test at the start of the 24-week plan and it was about 135. I’m now at the start of Week 5 and have been pretty diligent about hitting all of my workouts each week. I want to make sure that I’m getting the most out of my workouts and not under-training. Should I continue to use 135 for my AeT threshold or should I retest? How frequently should I test going forward?

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    Nick Woodman on #45858

    I think it depends on the duration of your workouts ATM. If you’re doing hour long runs, then you can simply take that run to the treadmill or track and perform your workout. After, go into TP and evaluate the drift. If you’re seeing HR rift start getting down to <3%, I would feel comfortable starting to increase my AeT by 2-3 beats.

    If you’re not doing hour long runs or you hate the track/treadmill, then I’d stick to the plan and perform a focused HR drift test no quicker than 8 weeks apart. That’s enough time for you to start seeing noticeable improvements if you’re sticking to the plan.

    Hopefully a coach will chime in if they have anything to add/correct!

    Shashi on #45859

    I think the recommendation from coaches is to test every 4-6 weeks. It will also depend on your weekly volume.

    See this topic –

    How often to test AeT

    Anonymous on #45862

    Agreed. Everything Nick and Shashi mentioned is relevant. For most, a drift test is pretty low stress, so frequent testing is fine. (Although, don’t make it every day; these changes take a long time.)

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