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    Hi everyone,
    I just started my 24 week plan and today I had my first long session.I have no access to steep hills, so I have to do this sessions on a t-mill.
    So my questions is, in the Description for the session you write Vertical gain 1000ft.
    If I‘am doing the Session on a t-mill, must I do the whole time with 15 grade, or after reaching the 1000ft Vertical gain,I can put the t-mill one lower grade and finish the session?

    Thanks for your help.


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    hafjell on #16981

    I’ll let the experts weigh in, but while you must pay attention to your HRM or breathing, the minutiae of 1 degree after 1,000′ is less important. Get the 1,000′ at 15 degrees, then finish as you can.

    Anonymous on #16987

    There is nothing magical about 15% (not degrees) except that is a steep as most treadmills will go to. dropping 1% is not going to effect the outcome of the training.

    BTW: 15% is about 8.5 degrees.


    PaulB on #16989

    For aerobic training days, do feet “climbed” on a treadmill, with the belt moving underfoot, count the same as feet climbed outdoors? Or should treadmill “vertical” be scaled up to see similar benefits to doing that session outside?

    Anonymous on #17017

    Yes, it is easier to climb 1000 feet on a treadmill than on a trail. How much easier I can’t tell you.


    jbeall19271 on #17057

    Since you are on the topic of treadmills, I have been wondering in a couple of
    Machines for us flat landers.

    Nordic makes a incline trainer that goes to 40% I’m curious if it would be a good substitute, compared to a stairmil. Just trying to think of a more affordable option to have at home.

    There is also a Nordic cross country ski machine, that is even a fraction of the price of the incline trainer. It doesn’t elevate as much, but I think you could make something safe to compensate.

    jbskibba on #17074

    This doesn’t directly answer your question, but I recently got back from Mt. Vinson. I also bought and used the 24 week training plan. I did the plan 95% as it’s written. I live in Kentucky and did almost all of my hill sessions on a treadmill, and ME work-outs on a stair machine. Although it was not a terribly difficult climb, my conditioning felt by far the best it ever has on the mountain. The 24 week plan works…and that zone 1 and 2 stuff does too! 🙂

    jbeall19271 on #17119

    Thanks jbskibba.I appreciate you taking the time. I myself have done the training program twice through now. The first time for the North Ridge on Mt Baker, and the second for some climbing in the Tetons. The first time around I did not use a stair mill, and I did all of my training running with skate skiing mixed in. The second go around I used the a used stair mill I bought for my garage. The issue I am having is my garage is not heated, so my stairmil will not operate correctly, and I cant put it in my house. With that being said, I am hoping to still get some insight if the Nordic treadmill or xc ski machine with suffice.

    I myself felt great both trip!!!

    Anonymous on #17264

    Scott J. and I both bought NordicTrack Incline Trainers last year. While the extra steepness is an appealing factor, the irregular and unpredictable belt slippage above 25% makes the upper range almost unusable.

    The speed also varies from what is displayed. The steeper the angle, the more the machine under-reports the speed.

    Because of the above, I never go above 25%. And if I use my incline trainer for anything where pace needs to be specific (above AeT), then I calibrate the treadmill each time so that the working pace is correct, regardless of what the display reads.

    If I ever buy another treadmill, I’ll look for something like a Woodway instead of a NordicTrack. (Unfortunately, Woodways are crazy expensive.)

    Also! Newer Incline Trainers are programmed for mandatory iFit subscriptions. To me, that makes them pretty much useless. I never use the preprogrammed workouts that come with iFit, but my machine is a 2017 model where the subscription is optional.

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