Hill sprints and close to passing out

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    Hi guys,

    Did the hill sprints again after a longer break from hill sprints. I’m a FT guy and did the following workout:

    – gradual warmup 20min
    – 2x 3min Z3
    – 4 reps 8s all out on a 35° hill w/ 3 minutes rest between reps, 3 sets with 5min resting between sets
    – cool down

    I almost passed out twice during the workout. Had to concentrate really, really hard to not faint. Is that normal, or is there something I should be worried about?

    Best regards

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    Moloch on #43930

    This is not normal. Go see a doctor. Being tired and out of breath is normal. Stop working out so hard for now until you’ve seen a doctor.

    Edit: This is personal advice. I am not a medical professional but I am a medical student, so take it with a grain of salt. Could be normal but only the doctor can tell you.

    Anonymous on #43934

    Hi Dada,

    Generally speaking, I agree with Moloch – the workload you described and the way you executed it with appropriate rest intervals should not leave you near fainting, and it may be a concern about which to speak with a doctor.

    Aside from that precaution, you may consider the following:

    1. Nutrition/Hydration: Were you fueled well and hydrated before the session? Did you eat anything different than usual?

    2. Heat/Climate: Many regions are experiencing very high temperatures right now. The immediate and significant demand of a hill sprint puts the sympathetic nervous system on alert, and if that is coupled with heat stress it could result in the symptoms you experienced.

    3. Training Fatigue: What has your past workload been like? If you went into this session tired then the accumulation could be a factor. I would suggest reducing the Z3 warmup component to just 1-2 min repeats (2x) instead of 3 min; the goal there should be to get the heart rate up and warm up the muscles, but not to exert a sustained high aerobic load or elicit much/any fatigue.

    I hope that offers some help, but most importantly I hope you are able to locate the issue and not experience it again!


    Thomas Summer, MD on #43948

    Hi Dada!

    I agree with Sam and his list.
    I’m also interested in what you did in the recovery periods? Did you stop immediately after the intervals?
    How much caffeine? Blood sugar?
    Any other symptoms? What about your asthma?

    Alles Gute!

    Dada on #43950

    Hi guys,

    thank you so much for your replies!

    • Had two Z1 workouts the two days before

    • That day it was hot weather but not so bad (did the workout at 1pm)

    • I was keeping me hydrated during the workout

    • I had those powerbar gummies (w/ 48g carbs & 75g caffeine but I’m not used to caffeine) for lunch and nothing for breakfast, maybe thats a hint

    • The symptoms came right after two reps (in different sets though): did the rep, stopped, was leaning onto my knees (like on the stock photo attached) for catching my breath, was bending my neck so my chin was on my chest, after 40s I straightened up and then the symptoms appeared; I put my chin back on the thorax again to prevent passing out; I googled that too and it seems that is not so uncommon for weightlifters to faint when they do squats or deadlifts

    • No asthma symptoms at all 🙂

    • I had Candesartan (8mg) for my morning high blood pressure, 3x Salbutamol (prophylactic for the sprints), 0.25mg Fluticasonpropionat/ 0.05mg Salmeterol, 0.005mg Tiotropium, Desloratadine (5mg) in my system; the night before I had 1500mg methocarbamole

    I think your hints were right and especially the combination of heat, not so much food and the methocarbamole contributed a lot to the symptoms. Is there something else I missed?

    Thx again!

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #43963

    I think your problems seems to be mostly orthostatic (from bending down and coming back up). I would recommend that you keep moving after and between the sprints.
    Allthough I like that powerbar gummies I would recommend some “normal” food before such a session.
    Do you monitor your blood pressure?
    And why do you take the methocarbamole?

    Dada on #43979

    Hi Thomas,

    Okay, that makes absolutely sense. I try to move right after the rep, but I’m on my limit after the sprint. I shortened the rep from 8 to 6s, so I will try.

    Yes from time to time I measure blood pressure. In the morning I have 120-140 to 90-105. At lunch for example, I have pretty low blood pressure again (105-120 to 85-95).

    I had disk surgery in January, and sometimes my muscles still tighten up a little bit in my lower back and hip. So, I take methocarbamole max once a week to relax the muscles.

    Alles Gute,

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