Hiking as training

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    I always wondered that what kind of training effect and benefit hiking has for runners. I was a hiker before I started to transition to running, and I noticed that I can handle hikes way easier than before as my endurance improved with running. I still wonder if I go to hiking, if it adds any benefit for running. As it mostly very low intensity, it doesn’t even reach Zone1 – only on uphills. Does it improve anything, like muscular endurance? Like going for a 50k hike and being on foot ~10hours, does it improve fatigue resistance for example? or maybe even Base?


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    matt.n.wells on #78842

    I’m wondering about this as well. I live in a pretty hilly area and a lot of my runs included a ton of uphill hiking.

    Alyssa Clark on #79093

    Hiking during your running absolutely acts as a training affect. I don’t think there are many trail runners who don’t hike during runs if they live in a mountainous area. As far as extra hiking without running, it is somewhat of a stimulus, but not a direct substitute. It is good time on feet and should weigh into your training as discounting it could lead to overtraining or underperforming due to higher fatigue. That being said, it shouldn’t be a direct substitute for your running workouts.

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