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Heart rate drift test question

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    so after reading more it seems like the preferred way to find your AeT is by doing the drift test but that means having a premium account to training peaks. Is there a way to do the test without the premium account? I’m not working and haven’t flr several months so I need to be careful with money but also want to do training correctly.

    Am I also correct in saying I shouldn’t really introduce zone 3 and 4 training until my AeT and AnT are with in 10%?

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    Dada on #44480

    Try runalyze.com. It’s for free and you can analyze Pa:Hr.

    juskojj on #44487

    Sorry what’s PA:Hr?

    Shashi on #44541

    This article should answer your question.

    Heart Rate Drift: A Functional Measure of Aerobic Fitness

    juskojj on #44739

    When should I do the AnT test?

    Shashi on #44744

    Looks like you posted the same question on two different threads. I have replied on the other thread.

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