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Heart rate drift test on stationary bike

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    Hi, I am am so excited to finally find my people! I heard about the new alpinism book and ordered it right away. I am a 43 yo. female with zero endurance background. I have been casually exercising for years but have never formally trained. I fell into the HIIT exercises and I most definitely know that I am aerobic deficient. 8 years ago I started to hike the 46 Adirondack high peaks with my 11 yo. son at the time. I know that for most people on here these are small peaks but I know several people who have stated that the distance, the unmaintained trails and the ruggedness of these mountains they are as hard or harder than some of the 14000 footers, aside from the oxygen acclimation. I have had several hikes that turned out badly due to what I now know is that my endurance is terrible! We are at 37 of the 46 and I need to get my endurance up so I can finish the rest strong. I am not looking to climb Mt. Everest some 14000 footers… maybe? So I attempted the HR drift test on my stationary bike, the bike is not my preferred choice of cardio equipment but it is what we have in the house. I can see why it is not the reccomended choice, it was very hard to keep the same pace. This is going to sound sad brace yourself I started at 118 and it drifted to 129 sometimes it also went down to 117. I am assuming most of it was due to the the fact that it was hard to keep pace. My average was 121 for the hour, it went up and down alot even in the last 5 minutes it went down to 117. I will get the gym and try it on a treadmill next week but would it safe to say I could go with 121 for the time being? Even though I didn’t get an accurate reading at least I got in good 1.5 hour session. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this. Miriam

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    Jane Mackay on #84331

    Hi Miriam,

    Welcome! I know what you mean about finding your people 😉 I had a similar experience to you in discovering the book and then this website at the age of 49 a few years ago.

    Yes, you definitely need to redo the test on a treadmill. For now, 121 is probably safe to use as your AeT until you can redo the test on a treadmill next week.


    Jane Mackay on #84332

    Btw, you mentioned that you bought TfNA – the alpinism book. Have you seen that there is a more recent book specifically for people who run and hike (and ski) in the mountains, called Training for the Uphill Athlete? Some of the science has been updated in that book too.

    Miriam on #84336

    I did see the book, I didn’t know which one was the new version, I should probably grab that one too. Thank you for responding.

    Miriam on #84337

    As for doing the test on a treadmill. I have an SI joint that really doesn’t like me running, it is something I have been working on for years with PT, chiropractic and massage therapy. Can I do the test at a fast pace walk with an incline?

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