Heart Rate Drift Test in gym

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    Thought I’d share my HR drift test results.
    I did this:
    1) 25 minute walk to the gym.
    2) hopped on treadmill at 20% tilt. My target for this 1st ever experiment was a HR of 125. (I think my Z1 ends at 130-132.
    3) Tried a speed of 4.2 km/hour but my HR was not going above 110 so I cranked it to 5.0k/hr and this brought it up to 125 after 10 min.
    4) slowed the speed to 4.2 and started my Garmin Forerunner 130 with a chest strap.
    5) did two 30 minute laps.

    The results are averages of 127 and 132 for each 30 minute period. This equates to an increase of just over 3%. In the 2nd half my HR reached 136 but fell back to about 133 for the most part. I forgot to bring water and between the walk and the test I was pretty thirsty at the end.

    I’ll repeat the test in a couple of weeks but will aim for a starting HR of 130.

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    Anonymous on #20674


    Sounds like a valid test. We normally run the AeT test for the full 60min and separate the data into halves. Not sure how long your break was between 30 segments.


    Neil on #20687

    Scott, I didn’t take a break. Just pushed the lap counter on my device.

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