Hard-to-diagnose injury from climbing fall

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    Last Monday, I fell ~2-3m when a hold broke. I landed on a ledge with my weight on my left foot. I have some pain on the outside of my left calf below the knee; the best way I can describe it is like a combination of growing pains and ITBS. Does anybody know what I might have done or have advice on what to do next?

    As there are no visible signs of injury, the area is not sensitive to the touch and the pain is not acute, I suspect a visit to the doctor will result in nothing more than the usual recommendation to rest and take painkillers! Reasonable but not helpful.

    Ideas and suggestions gratefully received.

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    Mariner_9 on #57239

    I managed to get a virtual appointment with my physio; diagnosis was muscle tear.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #57242

    I would have probably recommended getting an X-ray. If you didn’t break your fibula. But to make such recommendations and even a diagnosis without seeing you, is quite difficult.

    Mariner_9 on #57247

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks. I think my doctor would be unlikely to recommend an x-ray (and it might be a six-hour round-trip to get one. Don’t get injured in a mountain town!).

    Physio, who has a lot of experience working with athletes, thinks it’s a tear of the gastrocnemius or possibly the soleus. I didn’t realise impact could cause a muscle tear and so didn’t consider that possibility. Seem it should heal OK – I have some exercises for rehab and also got some guidelines on massage.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #57251

    Sounds like a good plan. Best wishes for a quick recovery!
    Take it easy, relax and enjoy the mountain town;-)

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