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    i injured my hamstring over a year ago and have lost all my cardio. how do you guys/girls with a young family a full time job ect.. find time to get 5hr or more a week plus strength training in? if i woke up early and hit it every day for an hour i could could get 7hrs in that’s every day. would it be better if i went say Mon/Wed/Fri for 1.5hrs and then a 45min/1hr on Saturday to get around 5hrs in? then i could still strength train on Tues and/or Thurs?

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    Jane Mackay on #83323

    Hi Juskojj, since you’re coming back from injury, I’d recommend starting slowly. Perhaps 30 mins a day M/W/F + 45 mins-1 hr on Saturdays, plus strength Tues and Thurs. Do that + a recovery week at half volume (plus strength) for one 3- or 4-week cycle, and then start progressing at 2-10% a week in build weeks. That first block would also give you time to assess how the training is best going to fit into your life and to make those adjustments.

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