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    I have a copy of TFTNA. I have completed the basic 8-week mountaineering plan on TP. In the future.
    I want to complete a mixture of alpine, mountaineering and multi-pitch climbing. I have no specific objectives as yet. I am returning to training after an ankle injury last year. Is the 24-week Mountaineering plan the next best progression for me?

    I’m using this year to build my base up ready for next year when travel is easier.


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    You’re wise to take this year as chance to build more base. You can never have too much. If the 8 week plan went well the 24 week plan is a good step up. It utilizes all the longer term progressions explained in TftNA book that are not possible in the short 8 week plan you have used. I think you’d see the results you are seeking with the 24 week mountaineering plan. It’s our most popular plan.


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