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    2 questions/concerns

    1. I started the 24 week about 6 weeks ago. I know my fitness has improved because my pace has improved by 6 minutes on my 1000 ft elevation gain training hill but per Garmin my vo2 max has dropped from 41 to 38.

    2. 1 to 2 times during any training session my heart rate will shoot up by 10 beats or so but quickly return to where it was, should I be worried?


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    briguy on #44151

    1. Generally you can ignore that Garmin Vo2max number. It’s dependent on the maxHR you specify in their app and will be affected by hot weather or otherwise difficult conditions. If you do your trail runs (like that one sounds as if it is trail) as “trail” activity in Garmin, it will ignore it for Vo2max calculations.

    2. Sometimes a chest strap HRM is influenced by static electricity and will cause spikes like you describe. Make sure you thoroughly wet the strap when applying, and/or use some electrode gel, otherwise you’ll occasionally see those spikes.

    Anonymous on #44388

    1. As @briguy alluded to, any time a generic software package says something like “Your physiological parameter is X”, you should ignore it. All it’s doing is applying a bunch of averaged data against your performance. Averages describe samples and populations, never individuals. All of those kinds of gimmicks are just there to sell hardware. They’re useless for training.

    2. In addition to what @briguy said, I wouldn’t worry about it. HR fluctuation is normal.

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