fitness demands for big game mountain hunting

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    Josh Gray

    I am planning my training for back country big game hunting in the Rockies this fall. What would be the recommended changes one should make to UAs mountaineering training philosophy to compensate for the potential of having to carry multiple 100+ lb loads over rough terrain. Would having a higher strength reserve be recommended? A greater emphasis on muscular endurance? What would be the maximam training pack weight you would recommend? Thanks!

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    juskojj on #62648

    take a look into mountain tough:

    your going to need a great cardio base along with muscular endurance to be able to carry those loads over terrain…… i have a friend in MT that does big game hunts and has carried 100lbs meat 7miles over 2000ft plus elevation gain/loss…..

    Josh Gray on #62651

    I’ve seen there stuff in advertisements. I’ll def take a deeper look! Thanks!

    Anonymous on #62666


    You need a solid aerobic and strength base for mountain hunting. The muscular endurance workouts backed into our mountaineering training plans will also be very helpful.

    I caution you against training with a super heavy pack very often. We train lots of Special Operations guys who often are carrying 100lbs. We never have them do endurance training with these sorts of loads. The risk of injury is too high. Some of their endurance work is done with 40-50lbs and some of their ME work is done with 100lbs but we don’t mix those.


    Josh Gray on #62689

    Thanks Scott! I will keep those things in mind when planning.

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