First hill sprint workout – am I doing it right?

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    I’ve just moved over into the late base phase of training and have introduced hill sprints. I’m 50 and train in g for a hilly trail ultra. Here’s how I shaped the workout :

    45 min warm up run going from zone 1 to upper zone 2.
    8 x 20 sec hill sprints up a 20% series of steps followed by 2 1/2 min walk back down and rest.

    The first sprint took 30 secs so I reduced the distance but was still sprinting for 20 secs which felt VERY short.
    On the final sprint my legs were fading on the last 10 secs.
    I hardly managed to get out of zone 2 for the whole workout. My AeT is quite close to my LT.

    Have I executed the workout properly?

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    Scott Semple on #32816

    Heart rates are normal for sprints. I never get above AeT either.

    The duration is long to start with though. I usually start with 6x 8″ in the first session, increase the sets to 8x, 10x, then 6x 10″, 12″, 15″, etc.

    davelockyer101 on #32830

    I was slightly unsure about the length as it states in the book to not increase the sprints to over 10 secs. 20 secs feels extremely short to me…

    Scott Semple on #32884

    Hmmm… That could be because you’re very slow-twitch. Have you ever had a lactate test done? It’s not necessary to do so, but slow-twitch-dominant athletes have a hard time generating sprint power. So, counter-intuitively, sprint workouts are a good stimulus for them.

    Check out UA coach Sam Naney’s response in this post:

    Scott Semple on #32885

    P.S. Being slow-twitch-dominant (or FT-dominant) isn’t positive or negative. It’s just that each athlete has to approach their training in a way that respects where they are on the FT/ST continuum.

    davelockyer101 on #33132

    Thanks. I’ve read the response in the thread cited and I’m guessing it’s the same issue of experiencing a lack of fatigue due to being ST dominants. I’m planning to stick with them. Just wondering if I need to shorten the distance to 10 secs and as I progress do I add more reps rather than a longer duration?

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