Figuring out training zones from LT test

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    I got a proper LT test last year and assume it’s about the same as I feel about the same. I’m 45yo female and not fast but my endurance seems to be getting worse not better so I wanted to really focus on HR training. I didn’t do much with the data from the test but I just bought one of the Uphill athlete plans and need the numbers now. These plans talk about zones and also Ant vs Aet. Is my LT the same as Ant? And Aer just zone 2?

    Also I have to run flat to keep it in zone 2. Any hill at all HR spikes and I have to walk, which makes me even slower. Ok then to be doing the hill repeats on those days?

    I prefer just running lol this feels complicated but I’m so sick of going backward so I’m trying and appreciate any help!

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    hellojenrau on #63335

    Oh and how do I calculate this? “ IF THE SPREAD BETWEEN YOUR AeT and AnT is more than 10%. IF that SPREAD is <10% then do this run mostly in Z1 with no more that 30min in Z2.”

    mark.davin on #63336

    Hi! I just did my LT test a couple of weeks ago and can confirm your questions.

    Aet = Top of Zone 2. Where you want to do most training at or below.
    Ant = Start of Zone 4. This is also called (more commonly) LT. In theory you can only sustain approximately an hour at that intensity/HR.

    10% rule will be Aet/Ant. 142/151 = 9.5%

    May I ask how you calculated your zones? Was it through a lab test with periodic blood draws or self administered etc?

    hellojenrau on #63394

    I had tried to do the heart rate drift test so many times but kept finding I was running too fast so it drifted the whole time and I had to redo it. So this time a lab administered blood test. And thanks for the help!! I think the Ant vs LT is what confused me.

    Why do I feel so out of breath in the top of zone 2? Maybe it just takes time.

    r.j.hammond345 on #63485

    You should not be out of breath at all in z2.

    How was your LT test conducted, and did it broadly follow the suggested protocol, e.g.

    15/20 minute warm up well below your expected AeT
    Then increase by small increments with a minimum of 3 minutes at each new higher level before taking the lactate sample

    Conduced properly the test should have taken at least 40 minutes if not longer.

    Nothing wrong with walking uphill.

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