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    I am 62 yo male, who has had 2 meniscus scopes on each knee, cortisone, hyaluronic acid injections over the last 20 years. All have had satisfactory but limited results. After a couple of days of ice climbing and skiing in NH last week, the walking downhill was painful enough that I decided it was time to get some replacement parts. I did get cortisone today for a ski/mountain bike/kayak trip in March. Both knees are very arthritic and replacement seems to be the only viable option. I am looking for insight as to activities that I can still do after replacement. Most of my time is spent mountain biking, ww kayaking, upland bird hunting about 40-50 days, with rock and ice climbing rounding things out…will I still be able to keep doing these? I would probably try to stretch my original knees out until next March…

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #75874

    Hi Mike!

    All of the activities you mention, should be possible after total knee replacement.
    If the X-ray look bad. If your orthopedics recommend surgery. And, most important, if you are restricted too much in what you like to do, I wouldn’t wait too long. The longer you wait the more deconditioned you’ll be. ROM will decrease. Recovery will be quicker and better, if you are still in relatively good shape.
    Just some things to consider. As I don’t have much insight your case you should mainly follow your doctors recommendations. But I’ll be happy to answer any further questions.


    Chet on #76012

    I have only had one full knee replacement…..exactly three years ago….I have been very lucky (cause was initially sport injury many years ago and not much arthritis in other body parts)….my primary endurance sports/passions are ski touring/mountaineering and hiking with a little biking….(wading/fishing in rivers does fine with my knee but I use a wading staff for a little balance help the last decade) I do all better and more comfortably than pre knee replacement, though at 68 years old I am a bit slower than previous decades……Chet

    mike on #84808

    Reviving this as I did look at your advice and am scheduled for 2 partial replacements, one in April and one in July. My goal would be to be strong enough to ski (maybe some touring) and ice climb by December/ Jan. Planning on using an airdyne (1 legged) to try and keep some type of aerobic training. I assume upper body weight work shouldn’t be an issue.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #84810

    The airdyne is a great option in your case. Upper body work is always allowed and actually something you can focus on.
    Ski(-touring) should be possible by December
    If iceclimbing will be, you should decide after some moths after the second surgery.
    All the best for the two surgeries!

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