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Does the allotted time for Z1/Z2 sessions include the 15 minute warmup?

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    I’m creating a mountaineering Transition Plan after coming off a few months of relative down-time due to an achilles/soleus injury (did PT, been doing some sporadic light hill walking, all good so far). I plan to start with a lighter weekly aerobic base plan than I might otherwise take on, until I know it’s not going to degrade again (ie: my heart and lungs could do much more right now, but I don’t want to backtrack with the leg).

    My question: In planning Zone 1 and Zone 2 sessions, the book recommends a 15 min. warmup period; is that time supposed to be included in the math for total weekly base training? For example: On some of the sample workouts for the paid training plans, they mention a 45-minute hill hike. Is 15 min. of that 45 minutes at warmup pace (ie: only 30 in Zone 1), or is all 45 min. at Zone 1 and the 15 minute warmup makes the entire walk 60 minutes? Once I know my achilles is all good, my hike times will increase dramatically, and it won’t matter, but right now my total time on foot for any given day might only be 30-45 minutes.

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    Jane Mackay on #75148

    Hi again! Yes, the total time includes the warm-up.

    The 15-20 mins is an estimate, but the time needed to really warm up will differ by person and by day. For instance, at 52 and slow-twitch dominant, some days it takes a good hour for my body to fully ‘come online’. During that time my body is still working – heart, lungs, muscle fibres, metabolism etc. – so that time needs to be included in the total time.

    mgoat4 on #75176

    Thanks again for your help, Jane! I posted here (vs the other thread) in the hopes I wouldn’t use more of your time. I too have noticed that after about 30 minutes I have a shift and it’s like the gates open with my energy production, pace, and available effort. However with my limited capabilities right now (playing it safe till I know what the achilles will do), my total on-foot moving time is only 3-45 minutes. Alas… but I’ll take it! Cheers.

    Jane Mackay on #75198

    No worries about using my time. I manage the whole forum 🙂

    I hear you on just getting into flow and then having to end the workout. After months of rehab and setbacks it’s only just this month that I’ve been able to get back to doing longer hikes (over 1.5 hours) with elevation gain of more than 300-400 metres. I am so happy to be able to do full loops rather than short out and backs and go long and high!! haha! I’m hopefully starting a return to run block in a few weeks, if the physio gives the ok. Fingers crossed!

    I’ve learnt that slow and steady, and backing off when I get the signal to do so, *will* bring me to the goal of being strong and fully functional again, and keeping the long-term benefit constantly front of mind has been crucial. Good luck with your recovery! It does take a lot of patience.

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