Do AnT workouts or stick with base building

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    Whitney Rhodes

    Howdy howdy!

    I’m getting into week 13 of Luke Nelson’s Intro to Ultras plan. Starting to see more Z3, Z4 workouts. I’m wondering if I’d be better served by continuing to stay at Z2.

    Context: My Aet is 135, Ant is 155. That’s 12.9%. I’m not sure if that means I have ADS as I’m new to consistent training and my overall fitness isn’t super great. I’ve spent the last few years backpacking/hiking and only started running this year.

    Happy to sub in more Z2 workouts or stick with the plan as intended! Whatever will benefit me most in the long run. 🙂

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    Anonymous on #44248

    In the long run taking the time to build a better aerobic base will be best. If you have a race out there at the end of the plan then you need to start adding intensity.


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