DFA alpha 1 HRV and AnT estimation

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    I’ve been testing this methodology to derive my AeT from HRV data and it seems to correlate well with my drift testing. I found a paper which discussed the usage of the same technique to estimate AnT – https://www.mdpi.com/2411-5142/6/2/38/pdf

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    DominicPNW on #56524

    Whoops I hit enter and it posted before I could finish. Tried to edit but I don’t see that it took.

    To continue:
    This is also discussed on AiEndurance’s blog about the technique here: https://aiendurance.com/blog/dfa-alpha-1-thresholds-from-heart-rate-variability

    According to the paper, a DFA a1 of 0.5 correlates with VT2 derived from gas exchange. I was just wondering if anyone has ever used this method to determine their AnT and how well it compares to other methods they’ve used. If I were to apply this to me, my AeT is at 138 and my AnT is at 144, which to me seems very low??

    Jacob9283 on #63056

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    Dada on #69514

    Yes, DFA alpha 1 is a very good marker for AeT. I would be cautious though for 0.5 as AnT. There is some research that AnT deviates

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