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    After some advice about insurance for the climbing portion of Denali. I have annual cover in place for travel, lost luggage etc etc I’ve read conflicting information about what I need for rescue, medical. It’s really expensive to buy it here in the UK so don’t want to buy more than I need!

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    MarkPostle on #62746

    Matt- This is a really good question actually and I think there’s a ton of misinformation (and outright lack of info out there about it) which makes it hard. In my experience on Denali (and other US public lands) the reality of needing to be rescued from the mountain AND being charged for it is incredibly remote. The vast vast majority of “evacs” are affected by your own team and in the rare event the Park rangers etc get involved they use their own resources and no one gets charged unless someone was being criminally negligent. If it were me I would make sure I had good travel and trip cancellation insurance in place but not worry about the rescue insurance to get you off the mountain. I would dig into what your individual situation might be for medical a bit as each person/nationality is a little different. (I can’t help at all there, our medical insurance system is so complicated I don’t have any idea how it would look for me even). Hope that helps and happy to chat more if you need.

    mattmay3s on #62748

    Thanks Mark – v useful

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