Deadlift alternatives for mountain running

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    I’m going to start training with Luke’s Intro plan next week and was looking ahead at the strength training sessions and I noticed single leg deadlifts in there. I’m a little limited on equipment (ie no barbell/plates) and have always had a really strong deadlift (>2xBW when I was sort of strength training) so I’m not sure if the dumbbells or backpacks full of water I have lying around will be enough. I can always hack something together but I was just curious if anyone had any alternative exercises they do that could work instead. I’ve seen things like banded kettlebell swings/good mornings/hip thrusts/etc being used in the strength training community but I’m not sure exactly what function the single leg deadlifts serve in the program so it’s hard to think of a substitute.

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    Anonymous on #46387


    Those would be single leg Romanian dead lifts to improve hip strength. Because they are single legged they probably will not require so much resistance to get the job done.

    Dumb bells should work fine. The Split Squat with rear foot elevated is another great runner strength exercise.


    Dane on #46396

    Thanks Scott. Knowing the purpose helps.

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