Dead legs post COVID

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    Good morning all,
    I`ve been struggling with heavy/dead legs after having COVID.
    After a few consecutive days with running I ended that week with a pretty hard max strength workout, which left my legs really tired and more dead-feeling than sore the following days. Following the protocol in the TFTUA book for dead legs I did some easy days until I started feeling sick, being COVID positive. The legs havent recovered since although, although I feel well rested otherwise.

    Any advice on how I should get the legs up and running (no pun) as soon as possible? Should I follow the protocol in TFTUA, or rest as much as possible, or try to shock them to “wake” them up? I`ve also struggled a bit with tiredness after COVID.

    Any advice is much appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #64751

    Hi Trygve!

    Sorry to read about your struggles.

    I would highly recommend seeing a MD. Your primary care physician can check you first and maybe forward you to other checkups. So that you can be sure you are fully recovered and ready to start with training. The last thing you should do is to “shock” your legs. Take an easy buildup, but first get a medical checkup done.

    all the best!

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