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    Hi everyone. Starting week three of the 24-week plan and wanted to ask about something that has happened twice now. Once after an outdoor long hike and once this morning after a strength workout: I recorded the workouts on my Polar Pacer Pro, synced to my phone after finishing and when I went into TP it shows as a time only event, no data. In Polar Flo everything was fine, so I exported the sessions into TP but it won’t let me pair the 2. Deleting the data-less(planned) workout throws off the week totals as the imported WO is an “other” and is credited to the weeks total time but not to strength and the deleted WO time is subtracted from the weeks prescribed volume. If I upgrade to premium I think it allows me to plan and that would mean having the totals preserved? But I don’t think it addresses the no data thing? All other workouts, all kinds, have come through just fine.

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    Jane Mackay on #69068

    TLoftus, have you tried unpairing or deleting ONLY the data from the planned workout, and then pairing the good data with it? It won’t pair if there’s data already in there. To delete the data from the workout, open it in summary view, click on Files at the top right, and then ‘delete’ under the filename.

    Another thing you could try (if you’re able at your subscription level) is copying the planned workout and pasting it on a future date, deleting the ‘bad’ one, moving the one you just copied to the relevant day, and then pairing the good data with it.

    TLoftus on #69100

    Thank you, Jane. Deleting the data and pairing the imported will work. Copy/paste requires the upgrade to premium. I’m going that route as I really enjoyed the added features during the 2 weeks of freebie premium after signing up.

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