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Curing ADS and zone 1 vs zone 2 training

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    In order to cure ADS i know your supposed to stay below your AeT. When you 1st start out, like way out of shape zone 2 is fine bc its no harder than zone 1 for someone in shape. My question is when should you transition from zone 2 to zone 1 training? When you reach within 10% of your AnT? Or before say with in 12-15%? Or doesn’t matter?

    Basically until you get within the 10% should you spend more time in zone 1 or zone 2? Or what percentage in each?

    Yes I know once you get within 10%, 90% or more of your volume should be in zone 1, but what about before that?

    Let’s say you slip out of the 10% range, should you just stick with zone 1 until you get back into the 10% or is putting in zone 2 ok as well?

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    LindsayTroy on #57720

    While we use AeT reaching 10% of AnT as a marker of aerobic fitness, it isn’t necessarily a “magic” number. Depending on training, stress, etc. your AeT may fluctuate day over day which is why its incredibly important to listen to your body. As you approach “curing” ADS, you’ll need to monitor your recovery. If you start to notice that you’re struggling to recover from the volume, you should move towards a lower HR in training, thats the idea behind shifting towards Z1 as you become better aerobically trained. You should think of this as a dynamic continuous process rather than a static (only train Z1 when you no longer have ADS) discrete process. You can train in low Z2 high Z1, you’re not required to stay within the bounds of artificial zones. This is why grading workouts is important!

    juskojj on #57725

    thanks! that makes sense. by recovering i’m assuming your meaning you find it harder to do or having sore muscles or cramps or similar right? so am i safe to assume you can do zone 2 as long as you can recover completely before next work out?

    i’m only able currently to get a guaranteed 3 days a week workout for around an hour each, i could go longer if i wake up earlier, but currently already wake up at 5am to get in a solid hour before getting kids ready and going to work myself. weekends are hit and miss depending on what’s going on in life…. so basically i can guarantee 3hrs a week maybe 4….. and even though i haven’t redone an AnT since last year my AeT is still way below my AnT from the last test. Basically my most recent Aet was 155, my last AnT was 186.

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