Consistency of Aerobic Volume during Transition

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    Hi All,

    I started the Transition Phase, and am currently on Week 3. It’s my first ever structured program and after the first couple of weeks I’m really digging it.

    My question is consistency of Aerobic Volume. Due to my life schedule (i.e. Single dad with shared custody), my aerobic volume is varying because of my availability of every second weekend to go do a hike in the 2-4 hour range (with elevation)
    For example:
    -I’ve calculated my Aerobic Volume requirements to start (50%) at 3.5-4 hrs based on training last year
    So week 1 -3 my Volume should be around 3.5-4 hours of Zone 1/2.
    My Week One volume was 6.5 Hrs (this included a 3 hour snow shoe/hike with approx 500m gain)
    My Week two volume was 3.5 Hrs (no hike possible)
    My week three (Current) is projected to be 7 hrs (with a projected 4 hike with 1000m elevation gain this coming Sunday).

    is this wrong? Should I eliminate the hikes/scrambles/snow shoeing? I wore a HR monitor and tried to kee myself in Zone 1/2 but occasionally peaked into Zone 3 but I felt excellent (read not tired at all at the end of the day).

    Is the peak and valley of aerobic volume going to have a negative effect on my AET and negate purpose of Transition?

    Any insight and advice is much appreciated!

    Team Canada 🙂

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    Anonymous on #17706

    What you are doing sounds fine. While we like to typically program 3 weeks of building volume/load followed by a recovery week, life can get in the way. You can only do what you can do. In general more aerobic volume is always better than less but you also have to make this whole thing workable for you and your situation. If you don’t do that then you burn out or become exhausted or exasperated and quit.

    As this is your first go around with structures training I recommend being conservative and consistent rathe than trying to knock it out of the park every now and then. That consistency will really pay off in the long run.


    CanadianDude on #18480

    Great advice thank you:)

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