Comparing planned/completed stats

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    Janet B

    Hi Carolyn & Maya,

    I’m noticing that my completed TSS and IF are consistently less than the planned numbers on my aerobic days. Generally, a lower TSS by about 5, and a lower IF by .10-.12.

    These aerobic workouts aren’t very long, so I’m wondering if the difference is significant? Or nothing to be concerned about as it’s just a “suggested” number since we’re all going to be different…?

    Anything I should be keeping an eye on? Thanks!

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    Anonymous on #67099

    Good morning Janet,
    You are correct in that it is just a suggested number and we are all different. Don’t worry about that at all. In another month we will be doing a detailed discussion over our zoom chat about what many of the numbers mean and which ones to keep and eye on. It takes a minimum of 8 weeks to collect enough data for most of the numbers to be of use and actually longer is best. So keep up the great work, your hrTSS is yours for those WOs ( :

    Janet B on #67146

    Thanks, Carolyn!

    I’ve been using Training Peaks for over 5 years — I’ve got lots of numbers. 😉 But I’ve essentially been self-trained, so I’m looking forward to the more detailed discussion for any insights.


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