Coming back after an overtraining break

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    I was doing the Intro to Ultra plan and added too much intensity too quickly. I took a week off(still got out for walks/hikes but slow) to let my legs recover and I now I am ready to start again. My thoughts were to do 4-6 weeks of base and then go to the start of the specific period again. My race is in 10 weeks and contains significant elevation change (~18 miles, 8000ft). Anyone have any tips on how to best use the 10 weeks left? Another thought I had was to just add distance slowly each week and then do a few ME workouts in the 4 weeks prior to the race.


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    I’m glad you jumped on the overtraining quickly. I hope you’re feeling fully recovered. You need to be before diving back into training. The single most important component your plan needs to include is the gradual build up of volume at low to moderate intensity. You’ve already been bitten in the butt by adding too much intensity. Do not make that mistake again. For runners the ME phase should come during the early base weeks not in the final specific phase. The ME work will trash your legs and you need plenty of time to absorb that training. Give what little I know about what your training I recommend a conservative volume progression for these coming weeks. Especially until you have proven to yourself that you are out of the woods fatigue wise.


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