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    I don’t know whether anyone else had this experience but my first run-through of the level one routine was humbling. I will easily spend the next twelve weeks on this level, working on improving my balance, building core strength, and addressing asymmetries and range of motion limitations.

    Makes me glad that I am planning a thirty-six week training cycle…

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    Umer on #59258

    Hi Bill

    I am in the same boat; I will stick to level-1 for a few months 🙂

    MarkPostle on #59259

    Bill- Many folks at UA (including a few coaches) have been surprised at the subtle difficulties of the Chamfit workouts even at the lower levels. Neil makes it look easier than it really is! We encourage folks not to rush to the next level but really dig into the level you’re currently at (#1 for most folks) and get the movements dial in and clean. Keep at it!

    kerryob on #59269

    I found it challenging as well.

    I have done strength training fairly consistently for years, and something I’ve always found value in doing new types of moves, and adding variety to my strength workout as allowed, as there always seems to be part of our muscle systems that are not being put to use.

    I love the focus on balance and core work on Cham Fit. It definitely pushed my body in new ways!

    bill on #59312

    @mark – thanks for the feedback.

    i am not used to endurance *and* strength training at the same time. over the years it was working on improving endurance or on strength but not on both, based on the old gym myth that you have to choose between strong and fast. and strength training always focused on the big muscles and ignored all the important, small ones that chamonix fit requires. but (hopefully) this old dog is learning some new tricks…

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