Can I use extra weight to equalize AeT training with a less fit partner

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    I’ve used the Uphill Athlete training approach for the last few years and seen fantastic results, so thanks for all the brilliant advice.

    To date I’ve done all my training on my own. I’d now like to go out training with a training partner who is quite a lot less fit than me. Are there any recognized ways of equalizing our performance, for example by me carrying some weight in a backpack, so that we can run at roughly the same speed and both be at the right level versus our respective AeT? Obviously if we run together without any changes then when they are running at the top of Z2 just below AeT I will probably be in either recovery zone or maybe the bottom of Z1. If I add the right amount of weight to my pack then I can increase my heart rate so that I’m also in Z2.

    Does that sound like a good approach? Are there any unintended effects that I don’t know about?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    pedro on #75223


    Training with a partner is much better, but not always possible, especially when the intervals are longer and with a higher intensity . If you are hiking, adding weight to the backpack will make you walk at the same pace and intensity as your training partner, if you are running I wouldn’t take any weight but you can always go forwards and backwards in order to stay close to the person you are training with.
    Another strategy if you are running, is adding more time to your training before or after you go with your training partner or doing your strength training before( this last one , will make you also more tired and work in higher zones when running )

    I hope it helped


    Pedro Carvalho

    Jeremy on #75421

    My experience with what you are asking echoes what Pedro mentioned above. Although i prefer the company of others i find that the “best” in terms of keeping in your heart rate zone is when you are by yourself. I do add weight when doing certain hilly hikes with others so i can reduce my pace. Although harder is when im going over my target heart rate because im trying to keep up with others.

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