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    Hey — just a quick (and probably obvious/dumb!) question. I’m scheduled to give blood tomorrow (Monday) and also to hike a 10,000+ ft peak the following Sunday (San Jacinto or Gorgonio). I forget how long it takes to replenish red cells after donating. Should I reschedule the blood? Will be heading up there from sea level. Is regular blood donation going to be a problem in general? I sometimes get turned down as it is because my BP is very low.


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    Anonymous on #37892

    Dunno. Probably best to ask a doctor or… this might help. 🙂

    Steve House on #37977

    Hi @Raz
    As I recall it takes about 7 days for a new red blood cell to be made and reach maturity. The process is called erythropoiesis if you want to google more. That said, you’re cranking out new ones all the time so new ones will be entering your blood stream soon. The dip in hematocrit will signal your body to increase production in the short-term, but the maturation time frame is still about 7 days in an adult. I believe in young babies/children it’s quicker.

    In my personal experience with blood donation (note that I live at 7,000′, frequently am above 10,000′) I’ve thought I’ve felt the affect for a week. Nothing debilitating, but definitely feel a bit of a drag.

    Raz on #38055

    OK, thanks. I thought it might be something in the range of a week or two. Since I’m starting at sea level I need all the red cells I can muster!

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