Bemer – experience or thoughts?

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    Has anyone here used one, and/or do you have thoughts on its efficacy? I’m most interested in whether it benefits athletic recovery.

    Web page is here: I have no affiliation with the company or any of its distributors.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #54827


    I tried it myself for several weeks. And we also use it for our patients at our rehab clinic.
    I didn’t notice any benefit, and also most of the patients don’t.
    If you can test it, then do so for sure. But if you think about buying one, I would think twice, as it’s not cheap. There are also lot’s of lower-hanging fruits for recovery.


    Mariner_9 on #54838

    Thomas – thanks for your comments.

    I’m currently renting one for two weeks but I’m not sure that’s long enough to notice a difference – and of course it’s hard to conduct a proper controlled experiment.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #54840

    nice! So try it. And please report back after two weeks. I’m interested in your experience with it.
    Maybe you can rent a second one for your twin brother, but don’t turn it on. So that we have placebo control;-)

    Anonymous on #55348

    Based only on the website videos, it has that “this gadget will save us!” vibe. I’mma go for an easy walk instead… 🙂

    Mariner_9 on #67931

    “please report back after two weeks”

    Been a wee bit more than two weeks. Better late than never?!

    The end result was that after two weeks of using the Beemer once per day, I didn’t notice any difference in my recovery or well-being. Given that, it would have been very hard to justify the cost and we didn’t buy one.

    Of course two weeks might have been too little time and I didn’t try to account for confounding factors. YMMV.

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