Beginner Questions on Transition Period Volumes

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    I’ve read through TftNA as well as the training log book and am excited to get started. I’m using 250 hours as a guideline for my “previous year” annual training volume as suggested in the book. Following the Transition Period volume guidelines:

    Weeks 1-3:
    50% of previous year average weekly = 2.4 hrs
    “One long Zone 1 aerobic workout each week. Should leave you tired from the duration, not the intensity. This one workout should be 25 percent of the weekly aerobic training volume. = 0.6 hrs.

    I don’t understand how a 36 minute Z1 workout could leave me tired from the duration. Should the volume for the transition period really be this low? I guess I’m just looking for a sanity check before I plan everything out.

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    Conor on #41180

    Another question that kind of goes along with this – should I be counting the core and strength workouts into Z1 volume? i.e. if the book calls for 2 circuits of the general strength routine and 1 circuit takes 10 minutes to complete, should I log that as 20 minutes of Z1 volume?

    Shashi on #41181


    You might find this discussion helpful –

    Starting to Train – Too Conservative on Volume?

    Core and General Strength workout counts towards your total training volume, but I don’t think you will log them in any HR Zones. I track HR only for Aerobic workouts.

    Anonymous on #41182

    What Shashi said!

    Conor on #41185

    Shashi and Scott – Thanks, that really cleared things up for me, thank you. I’ve attached a screenshot of my planned transition period in case anyone wants to take a look. Assumptions are as follows:
    Previous year training volume = 250 hours = 4:48 weekly average
    Each core and strength circuit takes 10 min to complete
    Following the recommendations laid out in the NA Training Log

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    Shashi on #41188

    Conor – I think your volume and split across aerobic / strength is aligned with the recommendations in the book.

    However, based on your AeT you may want to change your target HR zones. For e.g. I have ADS so most of my aerobic workouts (except for recovery) are in Z2.

    If you have a particular goal in mind, I would highly recommend using Training Peaks and using one of the training plans. I used to log my workouts in the spreadsheet, but this year I started using Training Peaks + 24 Week Mountaineering Plan. It is worth it. Just a recommendation.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Conor on #41189

    That’s a good point. I haven’t done the AeT test yet so I’m not sure where I stand, but based on the results I’ll adjust volume/zone distribution accordingly.

    I don’t have a particular goal in mind yet, just want to get in decent shape for some ski touring/backcountry skiing and some 14ers this winter. I’ll take a look at the Training Peak plans. There’s so much info in this book and website, I still have a lot of research to do, but I’m excited to get started.

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