assault bike vs. ski erg for home training

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    Hey everyone, my wife and I are moving into a smaller house so I’m having to get rid of some gym equipment. I’ll only have room in the house for either an assault bike, or a ski erg, or MAYBE both. I already have the bike. I’m drawn to the ski erg because it has what seems to be a greater upper body component that seems like it could be beneficial for my climbing/mountaineering. It also has a much smaller footprint if I screw it into the wall. Anyone have thoughts on the relative advantages between the two, especially in terms of training benefits?

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    kurej.tomas on #53201

    I used both in nearby CrossFit gym together with a c2 rower. With the bike you can train easy and also hard, and can use whole body. If you like an upper body workout you can still leave your legs on the side and use only arms.

    dcgm on #53208

    Ski erg would probably have better carryover to foot-borne activities, if you do it standing up. Assault bike offers more options for working around injuries, ime. (Seated ski erg is pretty benign, but local upper body muscular fatigue gets in the way of accumulating aerobic training volume, for me.).

    walshstephen185 on #53215

    I have both. I love them equally but for different reasons. I use them equally to work in Z2. However, I feel the Assault Bike gives me better anaerobic work when I choose to do it. I am not a climber (I am a peakbagger) so I can’t speak on how it will supplement rock climbing. I will say this though, when I’m done working with the SkiErg, I feel similar to the way I do when I get out of the pool after having done some laps. If i HAD to pick one, I would go with the SkiErg. It’s so unique. You can go for a run or hike then hop on the SkiErg. Hope that helps.

    Anonymous on #55239

    I would go with the SkiErg and then (at some point) raise it up in front of a treadmill so you could do both at once.

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