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    An update from my January 28th post about the threshold test done on the stationary bike. I redid the test on a treadmill today, I am much happier with these results. I am completely technology illiterate so I didn’t take the right steps to get my workout from my polar app to get the actual results. But I do know that my heart throughout the whole test only fluctuated from 122- 128 with an average of 124, with minimal change from the first half to the second half. So from what I understand I started too low? It felt long but to be honest at the end I felt like I was getting going. I will try it again but I think I will wait a few weeks. I was using the 121 from the bike test as my threshold but I am going to bump it up a little higher till I get the right number. Thanks again, I am getting excited! This week starts week 3 of my transition phase and I am feeling good but at the same time feeling the increase of training daily.

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    Jane Mackay on #84686

    Thanks for the update, Miriam. It does sound like you could safely use 124 as the top of your Zone 2 for now.
    Regarding feeling like you were getting going only right at the end, your physiology might be like mine. It typically takes my body a good 30 minutes-plus — usuallly more — to ‘click into gear’. How long was your warmup for this test? The instructions say to do a 15 min warmup, but I usually do 20 mins. The only thing is to strike a balance between warming up well and not fatiguing yourself too much before starting the test. Something to keep in mind for next time.
    Happy training!! And make the most of the recovery weeks. It’s during recovery that the body makes the adaptations to the training stress, so that decrease in load is essential, also for injury prevention.

    Miriam on #84693

    Jane, my warm up was about 20 minutes, and I totally agree, even during this test at about the 30 minute mark I feel like my body finally is aware of what’s going on. As for resting, the last 2 weeks with doing this test on Sunday I took Friday and Saturday off to make sure I was fresh. Thank you for the response again.

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