Anaerobic training while building base?

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    Hi there,

    First time poster here. I have been a competitive boxer for the past 8 years, thus my anaerobic system is well developed but I RARELY train in zone 2 on a regular basis. Once spring consolidation arrives, I spend a few months ski mountaineering on the weekends. Nothing longer than 10 hour tours.

    Anyway, I believe focusing on my base for 3 or so months will be extremely beneficial come spring but I would love to box at least one day per week for 45 minutes or so. During my boxing training, I am pushing it hard for most of the workout.

    My questions is: Would boxing 1 day per week (zone 3&4) be detrimental to building my base if combined with another 8ish hours working in zone 2 per week?

    Thanks and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Anonymous on #31398

    It depends how aerobically deficient you are. Do our HR drift test and out AnT test and see for yourself. If you are not suffering from ADS then by all means do this.

    You may find that the aerobic base helps your boxing.
    If my reading of history is correct, a lot of famous boxers used to log many miles/week of easy running. It is not specific to your event but it is supportive of the anaerobic work and will allow more hard training and faster recovery.


    lakewoodbuck on #31432

    Thank’s so much for the response. I will perform both and go from there!

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