Anaerobic Threshold Test – Muscular Fatigue

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    Hello everyone 🙂

    Until now, I have been a “weekend warrior”, climbing approx. every other week in the mountains since years, sometimes > 6000 feet/day, climbing rather slow and steadily, I think because of rather weak leg muscles.

    My heart drift test (25% incline, 2,2 miles/h) resulted in a heart rate of 159 bpm.

    I just did the DIY Anaerobic Threshold Test, after warm up with less incline because I already felt my calf muscles after some minutes of walking, after 25 Minutes (10% incline, 6 miles/h) resulting in a heart rate of 171 bpm. That would be within the 10% difference..

    But is this result usable?
    I suppose that my “real” anaerobic threshold would be higher than 171 bpm?
    Is the conclusion wrong (because the anaerobic threshold is wrong?), that I should train during my aerobic base period mainly in Z1 and that I would benefit a lot from Muscular Endurance Workouts?

    Thank you a lot for your help and Kind regards from Germany 🙂

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    Thank you!
    Yes, the test was done with a chest strap. Most of the times I wet the strap, yes.
    Then I take 177 as the anaerobic threshold. Regarding the AeT I have to do another test soon anyways.

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