AeT test treadmill vs outdoors

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    so for my own clarification if you do your AeT test on a treadmill you want to compare your avg heart rate on the 1st half to the 2nd half.

    if you do it outside it should be on a flat to gently rolling course preferably not an out and back and keep your heart rate as steady as possible and use the Pa:Hr over the entire test.

    If your % difference on the treadmill is 3.5-5% your at your AeT. If your Pa:Hr is 3.5-5% your at your AeT as well correct?

    also is this is my normal route, good enough for an AeT test? see pictures

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #54383

    You are right!
    The course is perfect. 26ft up and down very little. This will have no impact on your results.

    Anonymous on #54389

    Also note that the formula is: [Avg HR 2nd half] / [Avg HR 1st Half]

    That will give you something like “1.09” or “1.25” which would mean 9% and 25% respectively.

    juskojj on #54390

    i’m lost on your calculations. can you explain?

    it’s not very clear in this article for outdoors

    are they saying take the Pa:Hr for the overall all and the 1st and 2nd half? so if the overall Pa:Hr is good so does the ratio of the 1st and 2nd half?

    Shashi on #54426

    If you are testing outdoors, just look for Pa:Hr in Training Peaks (premium account). Pa:Hr is for the duration of the test.

    The calculation that Scott mentioned is for the indoor treadmill test.

    Does this help?

    juskojj on #54427

    Yes, I thought he was talking outdoor. I knew indoor was the comparison

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