AeT test result way under 5%

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    Hello, I’ve just completed the AeT test after months of training blindly (the Suunto HR belt isn’t very good so I had troubles keeping a constant heart rate. Now I use a Polar H10).

    Here’s the link to the test:

    I tried to be conservative and tried my best to keep the heart rate between 140-145, even though the MAF formula would give me 148 and my hunch would be closer to 160.

    The Pa:Hr here is 0.45. What bpm would you recommend I retest this?

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    Shashi on #51556


    Thanks for sharing the Training Peaks link. Your HR at the start of the test was around 140. Try doing a test again with target HR at 150.

    Alex on #51557

    Hi Shashi,

    Thanks for the reply. Will do!

    brettmama on #51617

    I have no idea how to interpret my heart rate drift test, despite watching video a bunch of times. I understood the test instructions to say to keep your heart rate as close to your rate when it first stabilized. So I did that, altering my pace to do so. The first half of my run, shows a 4ish% pa;hr. The second half shows a negative. And my pa;hr overall was -2.22%. So I am completely lost here. Any help would be welcomed. I will try to attach my file here.

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    Alex on #51634

    @brettmama You only need to compare the first and second half if you do the test on a treadmill, because the speed will be constant but the heart rate will raise during the hour. If you do the test outside and keep the heart rate constant, you only need to look at the pa:hr.

    If pa:hr is negative I think it means that your pace actually got faster at the same heart rate, so maybe you didn’t warm up properly.

    brettmama on #51635

    I warmed up for 15 minutes before I started recording the hour run. I ran at a pace I could converse at- comfortable and easy. I tried to keep my heart rate consistent , so altered my pace. Did I do it incorrectly? My average rate was 138 bpm. My max was 144. Is there a way to figure what my Aet should be from this? Or do I ha e to do this over, and if so, what do I do differently. I did do it outside

    Alex on #51636

    I think the only way to get a precise measurement is to repeat the test until the Pa:hr is just under 5%.

    About the warmup, 15 minutes is not a magic number, some days it might take less, some days more, listen to your body.

    Anonymous on #53338

    Also, if you can post a link to the public workout, then we can look directly.

    As Alex said, if one factor stays constant, the other will illustrate the drift.

    Anonymous on #53339

    … or in flat terrain outside with not a lot of variation in pace, Training Peaks will figure it out.

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