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    Posting this also here (posted in the main forum as well), as maybe TG members will benefit from it.

    I did the AeT test last week on a 400m running loop, which has about 1-2m elevation / loop, trying to keep my pace steady and let my HR drift. Is it valid to test this way? Or I should have keep my HR steady and let my pace slow?

    I finished after 52 minutes, as my HR drifted from about 155 to 165, which felt huge, and I thought that I overestimated my beginning HR and it came close to my AnT (~170ish), yet TP reported a drift of 3,8%, so I guess my pace increased slightly as well, and my AeT is indeed around 155, just as last time (~2 months ago).


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    Alyssa Clark on #78867

    Hi Csaba,
    When doing the test outside, you should keep your HR steady and let your pace drift. If you are doing it on the treadmill, it is the opposite, but I would redo focusing on a steady HR.

    Csaba on #78878


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