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    Going to change location to a much warmer climate in a few weeks here. Current AeT test results are from an HR drift test in cold weather and I’d like to retest in the heat after a week or so to acclimatize, since I’ll be in the warmth for most of the rest of this training cycle. Should I shoot for
    a) a higher heart rate (heart works harder, muscles work same, drift is a result of peripheral factors)?
    b) a lower heart rate (heart works harder, drift is some combination of peripheral and central, same drift will be experienced at lower heart rates)?
    c) the same pace (and higher HR)? Or even a slightly faster pace since, after all, I’ve been training?
    d) a slower pace (see b))?
    e) yolo do SealFit

    Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!

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    Shashi on #61313

    Not sure when you did your last AeT Test. But if it has been a while and you have been training in Z1/Z2, then target a slightly higher heart rate.

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