AeT Heart Drift Test with no access to treadmill

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    Hi everybody,
    I have done 24 weeks mountaineering training plan last year. At that time I had access to the treadmill and did the AeT drift test as it was described in a plan. I used a treadmill and I walked on 20% incline for an hour. Now I want to repeat a shorter version of the plan and I want to reassess my AeT. I do not have access to the treadmill and won’t have it in a foreseeable future.
    My problem is that when I try to keep my AeT heart rate I can only reach that heart rate while running, but I can not stick to it because it is growing even with the lightest run. Then I have to switch to hiking, but I can not hike fast enough to keep the desired heart rate. So I have to switch between hiking and jogging every 5 to 10 minutes.
    Eventually I get my heart rate (sort of average) and the heart drift is below 5%, but I wonder if switching between hiking and running gives me the correct results.
    Can you give me your advice on that? If there were earlier discussions on this topic please send me the link.
    Thank you!


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    Cory from Wisconsin on #76715

    I can’t speak for everyone, but the run walk combo for me gives bad results and causes HR fluctuations. I’ve tried this on a treadmill with a pack and couldn’t get things to even out, nor did I want to run with a pack. Any chance you could get a day pass at a local gym and do the test on a treadmill there?

    Andrey on #76720

    Thank you for your answer. I can’t get to gym these days and just wonder if there is any tried and proven way around this.

    gregehle on #76751

    What about going to a hotel and asking to use their treadmill? You could try and slip the person at the front desk $20 and I would be shocked if they said no 🙂

    Otherwise I think you might be a little stuck.

    Andrey on #76755

    Yeah.. that could be an option!

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