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    Hello all

    So I did my drift test just over a week ago outside on a flat course along the promenade by the coast. I felt my comfortable heart rate was around 148bpm. The resulting Pa:Hr was 4.33%. The following week on my easy runs I would need to push a lot harder to reach 148bpm and my perceived AET felt more like 143bpm and also my pace was faster on a flat at 143bpm than on my test at 148bpm. Could my hr on the test have been too high even though the result was positive or could it be that I was just having an off day on the day of the test. I just get a feeling 148bpm is too high.
    I have attached my test and the graph from garmin as I don’t have trainingpeaks premium

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    juskojj on #44509

    Training peaks offers 14days free trial.

    I’m assuming when they talk about percentage they are just dividing the high average by the low average….

    tomwiggans on #44510

    Yeah I’ve had a training peaks account for a while so it expired

    tomwiggans on #44511

    The first image failed to upload

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    tomwiggans on #44513


    Rachel on #44517

    You want to look at your starting heart rate, which is probably lower than the average HR for the entire test. I usually just take the average HR for the first few minutes to get a number.

    tomwiggans on #44518

    Yeah I did that. The lowest the hr went in the first 5 minutes was 146 and highest 150. The starting hr was 148.

    juskojj on #44519

    I’m throughly confused now…..

    tomwiggans on #44521

    Basically the test Pa:Hr was positive on the day, 4.33% and the hr at the start was 148bpm, which felt conversational pace. My runs in the week after felt a similar rpe at more like 143-144 and on flat sections even lower plus my pace was quicker at this lower heart rate. So on the day of the test 148bpm felt easy and in the runs since it has felt high.

    Anonymous on #44576

    AeT pace and HR will depend on recovery state. Not every day is going to yield the same results. If at AeT RPE is high and HR low you are not fully recovered. If RPE is low and HR is high for that perceived exertion you are recovered and your fitness is showing. We are not machines and HR is not a perfect proxy of effort.


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