AeT differences b/t mountain running and skimo

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    I understand that AeT HR can be quite different be quite different between activities (e.g. cycling and running). I’ve done a HR drift test for mountain running and got a result of 138 bpm. Does skimo require another test or estimation of AeT HR or is it typically close to mountain running HR? I ski toured yesterday and found I was conversational around 155 bpm. Wondering if it’s worthwhile to do a skimo HR drift test?

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    When you’re highly trained, differences should be marginal. There is some research about this.

    Personally, my AeTs are different.

    Just one thing, the first 2-3 tours of the season, my Skimo HR is going ballistic and it is not reliable. Give it some time, HR should drop eventually.

    HRV was very helpful here.


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