AeT and altitude

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    I will be doing some training at 8000-13000 feet

    Is there a rule of thumb as to what my AeT would be at a different elevation?

    I usually train around 2200 feet and my AeT is 148.


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    As far as I know there is no rule for that adjustment. I recommend you do a HR Drift test at a few different altitudes you train at and adjust your zones according to where you are training.


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    I’d be curious to hear your results with the following:

    * First, at your home elevation, find a cadence-ventilation rhythm at Z1/2. For flat running, something like a 10-cycle (breath in five steps, out five steps) or 8-cycle is a good place to start. For hiking, a 4-, 5-, or 6-cycle is a good place to start.

    * Second, at elevation, use the same breathing cycle, note your HR and whether or not your RPE is similar.

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