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    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I purchased 24 week plan a little over a month ago. First let me say the plan coupled with the call = #awesome. Harder than I thought and is sure to make my dreams come true. Gratitude to all the Scott, Steve and all the folks at TfTNA. To this point I have operated under the assumption that my AeT is around 132-134 bpm. During a recent recovery run I changed pace a few minutes in to bring HR up to 120. Did not change pace and treadmill was flat. An hour later my HR was at 127-129. Have I “overestimated” my AeT? Am I overthinking this? (This is very possible. I overthink a lot) Second question. If I want to shift my long run day which currently lands on Mondays to Sundays. How do I do this? Skip the day off (gulp) or just do strength and 1.5 hour run on Saturday and do the long run on Sunday? Thanks for the help! I Love my plan and couldn’t be happier. ~Mark V.

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    I moved yours to anew thread just to keep my anal-retentive nature satisfied ūüôā

    1) AeT determination can be done with the test on the first day of the plan you just bought. Not sure who you arrived at 132-134 but if you saw an upward drift of over 10% in an hour at 120 then two things could explain. Your assumption was wrong and you need to establish AeT. Or, you were pretty tired. AeT will change from day to day depending on recovery state.


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    @mavpee To answer your question on moving workouts. Unfortunately you can only move workouts in the calendar if you upgrade your TrainingPeaks account to premium. I can understand why they do this, they offer a ‘freemium’ model and need to convert as many people as possible to paid subscribers. So if you want the drag-and-drop convenience of moving workouts, then it’s worth the upgrade, especially for a 24-week period.

    IN the second half of this article there will be some really useful info for you to get the most out of that plan. Thanks for training with Uphill Athlete

    Making the Most of Your Uphill Athlete Training Plan

    Alan Russell on #13864

    Hi, I really liked the article linked above and found that it summarised and clarified several points that had been discussed on this forum previously. I have a question though regarding how to allocated TSS for climbing appropriately. I remember this was discussed here:, however that talked about allocating TSS per climbing time and while this may be ok for longer duration climbs e.g. routes / ARCing, I’m not sure that it works so well for shorter duration climbing, e.g. hard bouldering / 4x4s, as a hard bouldering session may get a really low TSS due to the short climbing time and long rests compared to e.g. an ARC session.



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